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In May 2003 the BBC finally regained control of the rights to issue EDGE OF DARKNESS on DVD and the SPECIAL EDITION finally appeared. The 3 disc region 2&4 release featured, for the first time, all six episodes complete and unedited, and boasted a heap of extras including:

- New 35 minute documentary entitled "Magnox: the Secrets of Edge of Darkness" featuring producer Michael Wearing, writer Troy Kennedy-Martin, composer Michael Kamen, stars John Woodvine, Charles Kay and Ian McNeice; Bob Peck and Joe Don Baker

-Isolated (mono) music track.

-Photo gallery.

-Alternative version of the final end titles.

-Promotional segments from segments from UK TV shows Breakfast Time and Pebble Mill.

-BAFTA Award feature.

-Roundtable review from UK series "Did You See?"

The transfer on the new DVD was overseen by the Doctor Who Restoration Team, who have done such an excellent job in the past restoring old Doctor Who episodes for release.

WEBMASTER UPDATE 21st JUNE 2003: Steve Roberts of The Doctor Who Restoration Team has suggested we remove the comments he and Paul Vanezis made regarding the restoration of Edge Of Darkness. The comments, which were of a purely technical nature, were reproduced from their technical forum without permission (we did try contacting them first) and we apologise for any offence that was caused. Unlike their extensive notes on the Doctor Who releases, there is (at this stage) no such feature on their website relating to Edge Of Darkness. As far as we can tell the comments previously borrowed from their technical forum are no longer available there either. It's suggested you try contacting them through their site if you need more information regarding the restoration.

It's been a frustrating (and expensive) process trying to secure a decent release of EDGE OF DARKNESS, but it's finally had the care and attention it deserves. Not that everybody's happy....

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Hi There!
Today I received the 2-disc DVD I had wanted for so long. My old video-recording is almost impossible to watch any longer. It seems to be a very fine DVD-production.
But one thing was a great dissapointment; The DVD-cover! So this afternoon I made one myself. I will make a better one when I get the time. I thought you might want to see it. So here it is.
Greetings from Sweden.
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And another great fan cover, this one from James Lewis.

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