Edge Of Darkness

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Gary S. Dalkin
From Amazon.Com

Edge of Darkness is presented on a two-disc set with the original six episodes complete and unedited (unlike the previous DVD release). The picture and sound has been improved, too, though the 4:3 image still suffers from the graininess of having been shot on 16 mm film and the sound is still unspectacular mono. The main extra is an excellent new 35-minute documentary, "Magnox: the Secrets of Edge of Darkness", with input from producer Michael Wearing, writer Troy Kennedy-Martin, composer Michael Kamen, stars John Woodvine, Charles Kay and Ian McNeice and archive footage with Bob Peck and Joe Don Baker. A notable bonus for fans of Eric Clapton and Kamen's highly atmospheric score is an isolated music track, unfortunately in mono. Less significant are a routine photo gallery, an alternative edit of the final end title and promotional segments from Breakfast Time and Pebble Mill. A BAFTA Award feature (the series won six) is more engaging, as is a roundtable review from Did You See?.

Andrew P Smith
From the uk.rec.subterranea newsgroup
23rd May 2003

Got my new copy of E O D this morning. It's a vast improvement on the previous 2 'Revelation Films' transfers (I have all 3 copies) and has a stack of extras including 4 interviews with Bob Peck and also runs for 7 minutes longer which suggests that some of the cuts have been put back in. It's a 2 disk set with no disk flipping unlike one of the previous releases. The menus are easy to use and whilst the transfer still isn't perfect the image is bright and reasonably crisp on my widescreen 28" TV. The front cover has a reversed image of one of the previous cover photos but is easily recognisable by the BBC logo in the top right hand corner and the BBFC '15' logo in the bottom right. Bob Peck at his very, very best. Go buy this DVD. Soon.

Dave Horsfall
From the aus.tv newsgroup

I thought I might have to hack my player to accept Region 2, but no, they were for 2 and 4. Stayed up all night and into the next morning, watching all six episodes, including the ones I'd missed. All BBC releases that I've encountered are region 2+4. Although I'm not sure about the scene where the father was going through his (dead) daughter's belongings, finds her vibrator, and sniffs it... I don't recall seeing *that* on TV, but it may have been a missed episode.

From the uk.media.dvd newsgroup
30th May 2003

Anyone get this series? That's the 3rd DVD release (last 2 were terrible). This time they got it quite good. Very clean image although there's some definite cropping in the picture. Looked a bit blown up perhaps. That's the first time I'd seen the show all the way through (in 2 sittings too - over 5 hours). Well fucking shocking AND entertaining. Bob Peck was magnificent. Makes me sad when I see the shit on TV now. Would make Saddam Hussein feel like a failure when it came to internal security intelligence.

01st June 2003

The documentary is good, although a little short (33 mins). The review clips from 80s TV are all awful, except for the Pebble Mill one. I've heard, but not checked, that the new set contains some material that was in the TV broadcast but not on the 1st fuck-awful DVD.

02nd June 2003

The Transfer is significantly better that the past 2 abominable releases. It's rock steady, cleaner with more detail. Still a lot of grain but this was filmed in 1984. The sound is louder and as with the picture quality cleaner . It's a MONO track but it doesn't matter one bit. The extras are quality. A review from "did you see?," Frank Bough interviewing Bob Peck followed by some other Breakfast Time presenter who looks familiar. A BAFTA mini doc with interviews with Bob Peck and Joe Don Baker and Matt Irvine (special effects), Pebble Mill awards interview with the producer and Bob and finally MAGNOX; The making of Edge Of Darkness. Most of the cast is there along with the writer and Bob Peck interviewed in a Pub in april 1987. A stlills gallery is there. It's a pity that the pictures are not able to be viewed full screen. An alternate end to episode 6. An Isolated score over the 2 discs. Fantastic. Edge Of Darkness as it should have been released in the first place! Buy it now. 11:99? It's a steal. Where's the catch?

Robert Varley
02nd June 2003

Don't you think Bob comes across as such a sweetie lovely man on the interviews? So sad he's no longer around.

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