Edge Of Darkness


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2.  PART 2: Into the Shadows:


2:20  Outside Pendleton's office, Whitehall. Day.

The Morris Minor comes to a halt. Both Pendleton and Craven get out.


PENDLETON: Not exactly Albany. But it's home.

They walk down the street towards a door in the middle of a row of shops.

    You're about to meet Harcourt. Double First at Cambridge and an authority on E. M. Forster, he tells me, but a complete twat , I think, when it comes to making connections.

{ 'Only connect'. Forster's famous phrase. }


2.21 Stairs to Pendleton's Office. Day.

PENDLETON leads CRAVEN up a staircase.

    PENDLETON: I myself favour an Irish education. Anyone who has examined the Book of Kells cannot but be impressed by the labyrinthine coils of the Celtic imagination. Are you a Celt by any chance, Craven?



2:8 Episode Two: Into the Shadows

CRAVEN: What do you know about a man called Pendleton?

CARLISLE: Not much. He drives a green Mercedes, and parks in other people's spaces, dines at the Special Forces Club in Knightsbridge and drinks with the SAS in Chelsea Barracks. The security boys hate him.

CRAVEN: Did you know him in Northern Ireland?


CRAVEN: Done any work for him?

He nods ...


Again he nods.

CARLISLE: It was a weapon that had been found in water which he wanted tested - for radioactivity.

CRAVEN: And was it? He turns from the computer keyboard. Radioactive?

CARLISLE: Oh, Yes ...

By this t time the VDU has screened out the following: 'Shields, T. AKA "Terry" or "Tel". PF 185962. Access restricted.'

His friend HARCOURT is the one to watch.

CRAVEN: Harcourt?  

CARLISLE: His other half. Drafted in from Lloyds. Dangerous bugger.

CRAVEN: What's his background?

CARLISLE: The city.

CRAVEN: The city ...

CRAVEN looks at the VDU.

CRAVEN: Can I get through to R2 on this?

CARLISLE: MI5 do you mean?

CRAVEN: Yes. The Registry.

CARLISLE: That's more than my life is worth.

CRAVEN nods.


2:43 Flashback. A laboratory in Emma's college. Day.

CRAVEN enters the laboratory and walks over to where EMMA is standing.

EMMA: Tony Marsh is dead. Car accident on the motorway.

CRAVEN nods.

CRAVEN: I know. I'm sorry.

Is there anything I can do?

EMMA: He'd just finished a report on the reservoir. It points conclusively to Northmoor as a contamination source.

CRAVEN: That lets Sellafield off the hook.


CRAVEN: Spent fuel rods have been known to leak.

EMMA: No, Dad. It was done by some sort of laser operation, which they also deny. The only way to find out is to go down there.

CRAVEN: Northmoor is a nuclear waste plant. Anyone who breaks in there will be met with ultimate force. It's the most dangerous business in Britain. Don't even think of it.

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