Edge Of Darkness


London England
13th April 2000
From Amazon.Com

Probably the finest television drama series ever, Edge of Darkness was 1985 made flesh - nuclear paranoia in a world gone mad. Apart from the faces, not much has dated, and even if the threat of nuclear annihilation seems less newsworth, it's still an excellent, taut thriller. Bleak and brilliant, it starts with a seemingly random murder, and ends with the world on the brink of apocalpyse.

Everything works, and works well - the clever, non-linear direction is never annoying, the writing is intelligent, everything progresses with brutal, cold logic, and it all seems so much more serious, more 'real' than other television dramas of the time (with the possible exception of the early 'Taggart').

The acting is superb - Joe Don Baker's character may be a stereotype, but he makes it work, and the late Bob Peck is almost disturbingly intense. It's a shame that, for most people, he will be remembered as the unfortunate trapper from Jurassic Park (or the narrator of countless nature documentaries).

It remains with you when its over, the music is excellent, and key images (nuclear trains at the dead of night, driving rain on the motorway, a room full of telephones, a field of umbrellas, and little black flowers) haunt you forever.

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