Edge Of Darkness


Gary S. Dalkin
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Edge of Darkness (1985) took the thriller serial to a new level of ambition, addressing the rising tide of environmental awareness - in parallel with John Boorman's The Emerald Forest (also 1985) - and asking such unflinching questions as what is the price of justice, and who, ultimately, rules Britain? If this sounds too worthy, the series' triumph was to address these concerns in the form of the most nerve-shredding, intense and dangerous television adventure yet screened.

This tape presents the final three episodes, Craven (Bob Peck) going way beyond the point of no return as the secrets of Northmoor lead to an emotionally shattering, unforgettable conclusion. Troy Kennedy-Martin's brilliantly constructed story here confidentially exceeds the confines of any previous TV thriller, ending as an apocalyptic epic with global implications.

Kennedy-Martin had previously written for The Sweeney, and here wedded that series violent cynicism to a spiralling maelstrom of a plot which echoed both The Medusa Touch and The Ipcress File.

He next teamed mix-nationality investigators in the predictable but entertaining Schwarzenegger vehicle Red Heat, while Bob Peck starred in Jurassic Park and director Martin Campbell went on to Criminal Law, Goldeneye and The Mask of Zorro.

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