Edge Of Darkness


Cambridge UK
8th January 2001
From Amazon.Com

This is the last great drama produced by the BBC; a thriller for the nuclear state that's just as gripping now as it was when I first saw it. Everything about the production oozes quality: script, direction, acting, camerawork, music.

Sadly, the DVD is clearly a rushed job, and a bad one at that. The story has six episodes, and comes on three DVDs. You'd therefore expect to find two episodes per DVD, possibly in the 'three double-episode' format the BBC showed it in a few years back. No such luck. The story is split into two halves, with the break between halves in the middle of the second DVD. The second DVD ends, inexplicably, some way into the fifth episode. The first half has no end credits, but the second half has opening ones. Go figure.

There aren't any extras, either. Edge of Darkness deserves better. I suppose that this will be the only chance to get it on DVD, so I suppose I should still encourage people to buy it. It's not a good transfer, but it's still better than the video release. Terrible wasted opportunity, though.

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