Edge Of Darkness


"A Viewer From Maryland"
12th March 1999
From Amazon.Com

What more can one ask of a movie? A unique,inventive, finely crafted script? Outstanding performances by Bob Peck and SURPRISE!! Joe Don Baker!!! Why has such a talent as Mr. Baker never had something of this caliber with which to work??? And why has he not done anything approaching this since??? Cinematography that captures the mood of this compelling drama/thriller and a haunting soundtrack by Eric Clapton that elicits sadness long after the movie is over.

Not a movie for people who are used to the 90 minute pablum offered by mainstream Hollywood; it never panders to the audience but rewards them for their investment with a depth rarely experienced. Did I like this movie?? It is one of the top 3 movies of all time. As is often the case, everytime it is viewed, more jewels are uncovered. The interplay between Peck and Baker alone are beyond the scope of mainstream cinema, not as a buddy movie, ala Lethal Weapon 1-4, but as real characters engaged in a ballet of suspicion and sometimes conflicting interests.

Not to be missed.

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