Edge Of Darkness


10th April 1999
From Amazon.Com

If anybody is looking for an obituary of Bob Peck then this film surely sums up this man. With Joe Don Baker, Joanne Whalley and other distinguished actors, Peck doesn't just act, he gives this film a rare dimension, he puts his body and soul into it as if the plot was actually happening in his own personal life. Here's an actor at the top of his profession giving a vituoso performance. The characters in the film link superbly to him and where necessary he supports brilliantly.

This film isn't solely about Bob Peck, it's about what can happen when plutonium gets into the wrong hands. It's about an organization showing that the laxity of security procedures can lead to fatal consequences. It's about a father investigating his daughter's death caused by the effects of nuclear radiation. I wouldn't say that this was one of the best films that I've seen. This IS the best film I have seen. Thanks Bob for the pleasure you brought to us all. Rest in peace Bob.

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