Edge Of Darkness


31 August 1999

This mini series has it all - an exciting plot, great actors, amazingly good music, but it seems it was forgotten somewhat over the years, which is really a shame, as it lost none of its brilliance.

The story line is somewhat complex, about a not too important policeman, Bob Peck, who's only daughter, Joanne Whalley, is murdered just outside their house. What seems to be a simple murder case, evolves into an environmental thriller, incorporating issues of national security & nuclear contamination.

What sets this series apart, is the intense and touching presence of the great late Bob Peck. But Peck's immaculate work is made easier by some more outstanding performances from, well, everyone who play in this series, most notably the charming CIA agent, Joe Don Baker, who even serves us with some comic relief, much needed in this demanding epic.

Edge of Darkness is what Hollywood will never bring you. It's immensely better than any thriller you've ever seen before.

This is a highly acclaimed series, that won several awards. It deserves all of them. It's still available on the net - buy it now!

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