Edge Of Darkness


"Street 7"
Ontario Canada
20-22nd July 2000

The character called Craven is someone everyone thinks is a craven wuss but actually turns out to be brave. Jedburgh turns out to be someone who gets betrayed by the very system he helped defend. Perhaps Craven should have helped jedburgh in the end. Perhaps there was a point....this was a liberal movie however it made some really good points, or perhaps it wasn't as liberal as everyone though.

I liked Jedburgh line about "trouble right here in river city"...how ironic. I also liked the tale of the ultra right wing global conglomerate that gets to big for it's britches... perhaps two firms. Perhaps two firms and organized religion. Interesting. This is perhaps one of my favorite movies because it deals with "the system". This movie deals with the two extremes... extreme liberalism and extreme conservatism... both are evil. However, this film deals more with extreme conservatism "ala Reagan era". This was the dogma of the almighty buck over human life.

Ultimately EMMA represents the individuals the system says are ok to kill or the system says it "wasn't so bad when she got raped" EMMA is symbolic of all those who unwittingly get caught up in something. Ultimately this system cares not for human life but for the god of luciferian pride. THIS IS WHAT THIS FILM WAS ABOUT... it was also about TROUBLE IN NATO and corruption in the British crown.

Perhaps Craven also represents in some small way the one EMMA (Lindsey and company) wanted to be like... but by his unwitting actions he got her killed. Perhaps in a remake her death could be averted... because if EMMA'S death can't be averted there will be a WRINKLE IN TIME.

This is ultimately about the coldness of british ultra left liberalism and US ultra right conservatism. In the end aren't they the same?

The top cop who keeps Craven off of the case reminds me of this stupid flat foot from North Carolina we have in this town I live in. He's the kind of guy who thinks he can have it all his way if he gets cushy with both sides of the spectrum....when in fact he's a ultra rightist himself.

The character of EMMA means alot to me...she represents what is good and wholesome and ultimtely gets corrupted when a person gives into either of these extremes. I like craven who is coming to grips with his families secret history and vows to take down the system that killed his loved one...perhaps a sequel is in order? Did anyone see Craven die? Or in the end do him and Clemmy end up together? Perhaps in the sequel he goes after harcourt and pendelton? Perhaps.

I do love the NATO meeting scene where Darius shows up and crashes the alliances SDI seminar with two pieces of plutonium. SEND IN JOHN SMITH!

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