Edge Of Darkness


Michael Sullivan
Southern California
12 March 2001

I bought the video for this a year or two ago. I just decided to start watching it last Saturday night. It would be my first viewing of Edge of Darkness since its original airing back in the eighties. It was late Saturday night when I started, intending only to watch a couple of hours. It was 4:30 in the morning when it finished and I could make my way to bed.

Brilliant, understated performances (except for Joe Don Baker who is never understated but, nevertheless, gives what has to be one of his finest performances) to go with the excellent writing. A personal story while sweeping in its scale, I was on the edge of my seat even though I had already seen it and knew how it ended. However, I had forgotten quite a bit of the story so I was riveted throughout.

If you remember seeing it, go out and buy the video. Then pass it along. Something this good should not be left to the mercy of (non-existent) reruns. Your friends will not be able to stop watching the video and they will thank you for it.

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