Edge Of Darkness

Interview : Martin Campbell (Director)

Excerpted from an uncredited article at:
alt.gossip.celebrities dated 29th January 2003.

Director Martin Campbell will turn his acclaimed 1985 BBC miniseries "Edge of Darkness" into a feature. The six-hour story began as a murder mystery - a detective's daughter is gunned down in front of him - and then veered into the subject of the illegal harvesting of plutonium.

Campbell said the subject matter has particularly strong resonance now:

"What makes it so contemporary is the Bush administration and their nuclear and military policies. The original story concentrated on the policy of the Margaret Thatcher regime, at the time of the miners' strike, when she broke the back of the union. Part of the story is the discovery of an underground storage facility which is illegally manufacturing plutonium and is about to be privatized by an American company."

Campbell said the BBC Films project will be based in the U.S. and will make political points, which he and screenwriter Andrew Bovell are still working out. "Edge of Darkness" becomes a candidate for Campbell's next slot. The feature turn for "Edge of Darkness" is comparable to the adaptation of the British miniseries "Traffic," which was turned into an Oscar-winning film about the drug trade.

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