Edge Of Darkness

Short DVD Reviews:

"A viewer from UK"
28th June 2001
From Amazon.Com
Excellent drama. One of the worst quality DVDs ever. The picture is so grainy and blocky you'd be better off with your off-air Beta recordings from 1985. The sound hisses so much the speech is almost inaudiable. And I won't even mention the mess with the flipper disc and the edited bits....

"Ripped Off'
December 2001
Back in the late 80s when the BBC began issuing Doctor Who episodes on video, fans were annoyed when the corporation decided, in it's wisdom, to edit episodes together and hack bits out. It took several years of lobbying by fans to get the practice changed. You'd think that ten years later the BBC would have learnt it's lesson; yet here again is another classic series, Edge Of Darkeness, glued inexpertly together for DVD release. The frequent changing or flipping discs is so confusing that first time viewers will be completely lost (well, this viewer was and I'd seen the series before). Apparently this has recently been reissued on DVD in a much more approriate format. If I could send my original copy back and get a replacement I'd be happy; instead the BBC want me to shell out 30 pounds again. Hmmm... maybe they're not so stupid after all?

18th April 2000
I saw this originally on BBC tv in the eighties and was mesmerised. I finally found it on DVD and am happier than the proverbial pig. It is quite simply the best thing to come out of the BBC ever. Harrowing, bleak, shocking, fantastic. No description does it justice, so just buy it and weep. That's how real TV is done.

"A Viewer From London"
25th March 2000
From Amazon.Com
Martin Campbell brought the world many great television series, here with Bob Peck, Joe Don Baker and the stunning Joanne Whalley (before she married Val Kilmer) he brought a story of conservation, saving the planet against commercial giants. A thriller that grips you from start to end. A stunning supporting cast, Bob Peck gives an outstanding performance of a man seeking to understand why his daughter was killed. Eric Clapton provide haunting music. If only the BBC could produce drama like this - hopefully Greg Dykes will watch this DVD and enable true original drama to return to the corporation. Excellent in every respect.

1st April 2000
From Amazon.Com
Troy Kennedy Martin's superb haunting drama about an industrial nuclear accident cover-up is absolutely the best thing to come out of the UK in decades. The late great Bob Peck is outstanding, as is Joe Don Baker as the rouge CIA man. Lot's of edge of seat plot twists, a superb musical score, a beautiful early Joanne Whalley, before she went off and became all American, and a surreal slant that makes the whole thing a better class of thought provoking dramatic masterpiece. Seventeen very enthusiastic thumbs up... AND I've got the DVD, so there...

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