Edge Of Darkness

Short Reviews:

John Lyttle
City Limits no.213 [1st November 1985] page 17
"Like a New Statesman headline penned by Brian De Palma out of Hitchcock."

Miles Beller
Hollywood Reporter vol.293 no.7 [1st August 1986] page 30

"When all is said and done, more energy is emitted by painted luminous watch hands than by the entire six hours it takes this tortured nuclear nursery tale to burn itself out. 'ED' is a low-brow, high-tech caper that feebly glows and never reaches critical mass."

Simon Withers
Cult TV vol.2 no.3 [March 1998] page 58
"This is one of the great programmes of the 1980s, if not ever. Disturbing, intelligent and at times almost mystical, Edge of Darkness is unique and fascinating... in a world of bubblegum TV, Edge of Darkness stands out as serious, sensitive and imaginative."

Jon Seymour
Sydney Australia
27th December 27
From Amazon.Com

When this was playing on TV, the TV columnist in the Sydney Morning Herald wrote: "Not so much edge of your seat stuff, as begging towards the set begging for mercy". And he was so right. Episode 5 was completely gripping.

29th August 1999

I have watched this movie (series) on more than a few occasions and found it fantastic. It's not the sort of thing you can walk in to your local high street shop and buy but should be. Watch it and tell me I'm wrong... It's powerful although arms race sort of stuff!

"A Viewer From London England"
22nd January 1999

This gripping mini-series is impossible to describe - psychological thriller, crime drama, 80's nuclear paranoia zeitgeist, it's all and none of them. All that can be said is that it is one of the most gripping, intelligent and well acted dramas ever that will have you wondering why Bob Peck isn't the most sought after actor in the world, and why Joe Don Baker has never been in anything nearly as good. Absolutely essential!

23rd July 2000
From Amazon.Com
This has got to be one of the best dramas the BBC has ever produced. The story, plot, acting, music, photography, lighting, (I could go on)are in a league of their own. This was easily worth a whole year's license fee on its own. Why oh why can't the BBC make more programes of this quality?

4th June 2000
Essex England
From Amazon.Com
This is the best TV series of all time. Nothing more needs to be said - if you've seen it you know I'm right, if you haven't you must.

"A Viewer From Sweden"
21st May 2000
From Amazon.Com
Does TV drama get any better than this? I think not.

"A Viewer From Lausanne Switzerland"
23rd April 2000
From Amazon.Com
When you stay up to watch 5 hr film, it must be good! After a sluggish start, this drama really takes off. Bob Peck is absolutely spot on for the part of Craven; Joe Don Baker as Jedburg is unmissable - forget Rambo, this is the guy to watch. Stacks of clues to watch out for, but an equal amount of Red Herrings too. The plot twists and turns all the way - puppets on strings from bottom to top. The ending is unexpected, but no more on that.

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