Edge Of Darkness
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Edge Of Darkness Faber and Faber UK 1990
Script book with introduction. Back cover reads as follows:

One of the most ambitious and popular BBC drama series ever, Edge of Darkness received 6 BAFTA awards after it was first broadcast in 1985, and writer Troy Kennedy Martin's achievement in creating a 'green' vision of things to come makes an important text for the 1990's. The book contains all six episodes, with a detailed and challenging introduction by the author on the factual background to the series

The Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction [3rd edition] pp.160-161 [UK]
credits, synopsis, review, episode guide

Clapton : Edge Of Darkness by Christopher Sandford
Eric Clapton biography


Broadcast 19 July 1985 p.10 [UK]
note [Nuclear edge to thriller]

Broadcast 15 November 1985 p.43 [UK]
review [For once there's another one behind by Patrick Stoddart]

City Limits no.213 [1 November 1985] p.17 [UK]
illustrated interview with Michael Wearing [Out on the Edge by John Lyttle]

Cult TV vol.2 no.3 [March 1998] p.58 [UK]
illustrated review [by Simon Withers]

Hollywood Reporter vol.293 no.7 [1 August 1986] pp.10, 30 [USA]
review [by Miles Beller]

The Listener vol.114 no.2933 [31 October 1985] p.36 [UK]

The Listener vol.114 no.2935 [14 November 1985] p.43 [UK]

Movie no.22 [Winter 1989] pp.34-38 [UK]
interview with Troy Kennedy martin [by Lez Cooke]

Playback Special Collector's Edition [1995] p.28 [UK]
illustrated article

Radio Times vol.247 no.3233 [2 November 1985] pp.82-83, 85 [UK]
illustrated article

Radio Times vol.248 no.3242 [11 January 1986] p.80 [UK]

Television Today 18 April 1985 p.18 [UK]

Television Today 24 October 1985 p.19 [UK]
interview with Troy Kennedy Martin

Televisual November 1985 pp.29-30 [UK]
article [Political thrills from the BBC by Georgina Henry]

Time Out no.793 [31 October 1985] p.11 [UK]

Time Screen 19 pp.4-9 [UK]
illustrated article

Variety 1 January 1986 p.84 [USA]
credits, review

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