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the fabulous baker boys

The Songbook

extremely rare sheet music

Due to the repeated and numerous requests continually directed to this site regarding a songbook (ie a bound volume of chords or sheet music from the soundtrack) this page has been added to set a few things straight:

1. As far as can be ascertained, there were not any FABULOUS BAKER BOYS songbooks produced anywhere in the world.

2. None of Dave Grusin's original compositions for the film ever seem to have been included in any other compilation of sheet music, nor made available as individual manuscripts.

3. Sheet music for most of the non-original music used in the film (ie MAKIN' WHOOPEE, MY FUNNY VALENTINE) should be readily available through specialist music shops. The sheet music for MAKIN' WHOOPEE was even released with a Baker Boys cover at one stage (see image above). A list of the non-original songs used, including the composers, is available under the MUSICAL SCORE section of this site.

4. Links that may be of interest include Robert Alscher's MAKIN' WHOOPEE PAGE, a site totally dedicated to MAKIN' WHOOPEE which includes lyrics and chords, and THE FILM MUSIC OF DAVE GRUSIN.

5. Please email if you can provide further information and feel free to use the MESSAGE BOARD to discuss chords or arrangements with other fans.

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