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Edge Of Darkness

Short US Video Reviews:
Chicago IL USA
7th June 1999
From Amazon.Com

Excellent performances all around. Best line: Joe Don Baker on the dias at the conference with the plutonium in his hands, "Get it while its hot!". Very sorry to learn of Bob Peck's death, this film shows his quality. The only bad thing about the tape set is you lose the breaks of the original 6 episodes, and therefore lose some of the theme variations by Clapton.

Daniel K. Brower
10th April 1999
From Amazon.Com
I was glued to my set when this jewel came out. I do not know why I have waited so long to purchase the tape.

Madison Wisconsin USA
4th January 1999
From Amazon.Com
This 2-video set will have you wondering where your weekend went! The twists and turns of the plot, the carefully crafted characters, and the fine cinematography will keep you on the edge of your seat. Even the bravura turn of Joe Don Baker rings true in this dark but fulfilling descent into the darkness at the heart of even the most well-intentioned.

"A Viewer From Munich Germany"
20th December 1998
From Amazon.Com
This georgeous 6 hour movie leads the viewer into a journey: a quite unspectacular crime investigation develops into the uncovering of crime at the highest levels. The obscenety of using plutonium as a business item is revealed and before you realize it, you are bewitched by this masterly told story!

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