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1986 British Academy Awards
BAFTA TV Award: Best Actor [Bob Peck] - winner
BAFTA TV Award: Best Drama Series/Serial [Martin Campbell, Michael Wearing] - winner
BAFTA TV Award: Best Film Cameraman [Andrew Dunn] - winner
BAFTA TV Award: Best Film Editor [Ardan Fisher, Dan Rae] - winner
BAFTA TV Award: Best Original Television Music [Eric Clapton, Michael Kamen] - winner
BAFTA TV Award: Best Actor [Joe Don Baker] - nominated
BAFTA TV Award: Best Actress [Joanne Whalley] - nominated


Edge of Darkness was recently voted no. 15 in the BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE ALL TIME TOP 100 TELEVISION PROGRAMMES.

In February 2002 top Sci-Fi/Fantasy magazine Dreamwatch listed their 100 GREATEST MOMENTS IN SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY. Clocking in at number 75 was:
Edge Of Darkness
Raid On Northmoor

Fantastic 1985 mini-series starring the late, great Bob Peck as grief-stricken detective Ron Craven drawn into the heart of a nuclear nightmare. Featuring one of British television's most-sustained suspense sequences, Craven's raid on the Northmoor reprocessing plant with Joe Don Baker's Darius Jedburgh in tow, it still stands up today.

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