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The Fabulous Baker Boys


Click on the covers for more details and reviews of the various releases.

Region 1 US DVD
(Region 1)
Region 2 UK DVD
(Region 2)
Region 2 German DVD
(Region 2)
(Region 4)
Region 2 French DVD
French DVD
(Region 2)
Hong Kong DVD - click to enlarge
Hong Kong DVD
UK Special Edition
UK Special Edition


The Fabulous Baker Boys is a fine example of the nonsense that's going on in the DVD market. It's been released in various markets (often years apart) with an array of interesting extras that would easily fit onto one disc. Trouble is, each different release has boasted different features. So if you've got a multizone player and you're wondering which disc to go for, here's a quick table guide to all the different features available worldwide;

Key To Table Below:

Column 01 - US (Region 1) DVD
Column 02 - UK (Region 2) DVD
Column 03 - German (Region 2) DVD
Column 04 - Australian (Region 4) DVD
Column 05 - French (Region 2) DVD
Column 06 - Hong Kong (Region 3) DVD
Column 07 - UK (Region 2) Special Edition DVD

DVD Guide

Still confused? Well, you can forget the Region 4 release entirely; it's rubbish. The German release is only of interest for the German soundtrack (the only place you'll find the film in 5.1 Dolby - and even that's not confirmed). That narrows it down to the US and region 2 releases. The UK and the French DVDs are very similar, but the French has a few more extras including cast biographies and a French soundtrack. Our verdict then; a close race between the French and the US versions. The region 2 prints look a bit sharper but the US Region 1 DVD is probably the best package, if only because it has that wonderful Michael Ballhaus commentary, which puts the light and fluffy short promo pieces on the other discs to shame.

Warning! At one time the well known online store CDNOW was offering a "Special Edition" US DVD of Baker Boys with "Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround / Behind the Scenes / Directors Comments / Widescreen" features. It costs US$4.00 more than their regular Region 1 DVD. Having never heard of such a release, and also being informed that a customer who ordered this Special Edition received the normal US DVD, we contacted CDNOW who assured us the item did exist and they did stock it. On their assurances we also ordered (and were charged for) this Special Edition only to receive the regular version as well. Check out the message board for more on this. CDNOW have now been swallowed up by Amazon, who have deleted any such listing. Be warned; there is (as far as we know) NO special edition DVD that includes a 5.1 English soundtrack nor a director's commentary.

We're also looking for information about the DVD release pictured below. It was distributed free in the UK via the "The Times" around April 2005. No further information available:

Free DVD

Help! Don't know your nether regions from your DVD regions? Thought anamorphic was something that crawled out of the sea? Try this guide here.

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